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Flexible Service Offerings Tailored to Meet Your Business Needs

Tennant service is more than a job, it’s our mindset. We provide excellent value and service, and we offer speed and predictability of cost. Tennant’s flexible service offerings allow you to tailor coverage to meet your needs, so your machines are always ready to go.

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Tennant Service Contracts

Tennant can offer five different service plans, depending on your requirements.

Full Service

Assures complete peace of mind, a response time within 24 hours including optional weekend coverage, maintenance and breakdown coverage, predictability of costs and helps to maximise uptime and equipment lifetime.
Provides 48 hour response during weekdays, maintenance and breakdown coverage, predictability of costs and helps to maximise uptime and equipment lifetime.
Provides 72 hour response during weekdays, maintenance and breakdown coverage, predictability of costs and helps to maximise uptime and equipment lifetime.


Preventive Maintenance

Preventative maintenance at a fixed price with reduced call-out and labour rates for repair visits.
Pay as you go preventative maintenance plan with reduced call out and labour rates.



Service agreement benefits at-a-glance

This chart summarises the benefits for each service proposition and shows which services are included in your specific agreement.

  Not Included
RESPONSE TIME 24 HRS            
RESPONSE TIME 48 HRS            
RESPONSE TIME 72 HRS            
REPAIR PARTS            
PAT TESTING            

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Are the monthly fees fixed and constant throughout the duration of the contract?

You are able to fix the periodic contract rate when you opt for fixed price in the service contract. This will increase the price of the contract a bit to cover for inflation, but will fix the price for you and therefore increase the predictability of your cost. If you do not choose this fixed price option, the contract price will be increased annually to cover for inflation, following a locally applicable index linked to labor cost.

Is there any insurance included for the machine?

No. We do not offer insurance.

What conditions apply in order to terminate the contract?

You have the right to terminate the contract at 30 days notice at anytime during the contract, providing that the notice is given in writing.

Is the contract renewed automatically at the expiration date ?

For ProVar and ProFix, your service agreement is renewed automatically for the same period as the original contract period. If you have a Pro48 or Pro24 agreement, we will evaluate your request for extension of the agreement and come back to you with a proposal. We do not automatically renew Pro24 or Pro48 contracts as these are full inclusive and the projected service cost are very much dependent on the state of the machine and the way it is being used.


Why is there such a big jump in hours on the usage bands?

Based on analysis of our contract history & experience over a period of more than 5 years, we know that the real cost to maintain the machine does not so much depend on the actual number of hours it is used, but rather on the application and whether it is used only in 1 shift, or more shifts. Our normal usage band covers a high % of the common applications where our equipment is used. We have also found that it is hard to predict actual usage accurately and also that usage tends to vary over time. To simplify the structure of our agreements with you, we have moved to usage bands, like cell phone service providers. This reduces the risk for discussions afterwards about actual usage deviating from contractually allowed usage.

My fork lift supplier charge me based on the cost per running hour. I want this from Tennant also.

Fork lift trucks are far more predictable when it comes to running cost compared to cleaning machines, which is why we are not offering a cost per running hour.

What is the meaning of maximum hours in the usage band ?

The maximum hours that apply for the usage band are not the expected or average hours of usage but are a 'ceiling' in case of normal use of the machine is not reached. If you have selected the right usage band for your application and use, it is unlikely that you will exceed the maximum number of hours. If you do, it is likely you have an agreement for which the usage band needs to be adjusted. We will proactively inform you when your usage is going to exceed this maximum so you are able to adjust your service coverage to your actual usage needs. We also have the facility to bill for additional hours above the usage band allowance, if you exceed the maximum hours allowed.


How many preventive maintenance visits are included?

Based on our experience we evaluate your situation and start with a number of preventive maintenance visits per year. Depending on the actual situation we can adjust accordingly to keep preventive maintenance aligned with the actual usage of the machine. This tends to vary, customer by customer. Our focus is to provide you with a maximum uptime of your machine.

Are batteries included? If yes, who decides to change them?

When you have selected a Pro24 and Pro48 and did not opt out for battery & charger coverage,the full repair and replacement cost of batteries is covered by the contract, as long as replacement is not a result of improper use / maintenance (topping up the batteries and proper charging of the batteries). Tennant will decide to change the batteries whe the runtime gets too low to meet your requirements

What days and at what times do your engineers come and fix my machine?

A Tennant service contact entitles you to provision of service during normal working days, during normal working hours. In some countries (NL, FR, UK) you can also opt for week-end coverage.

Are service engineers available during the weekends?

You are entitled to week-end coverage when you have a Pro24 contract with week-end coverage option included.

Do you provide reporting information about machine repairs?

Yes, when you have included the management reporting option into your Pro24 or Pro48 contact, we will provide you with quarterly management reporting information that will help you manage your service cost four times a year. The report contains information such as service cost, avoidable cost, number of visits, response time .

Is a bridging machine available if I need it?

Machines that are covered by a Pro48 and Pro24 contract, are entitled to free bridging machines. We will do our utmost to provide you with a bridging machine within 48 hours after the first visit of our service engineer to your site.

Is there any economic compensation in case the machine is not available after 48 hours?

When you need a high uptime and want to have assurance that this is provided, you can select the uptime guarantee option, which is available on PRO24 contracts. When we do not deliver the guaranteed uptime that is specified in this contract, you are entitled to a financial compensation.

Are the brushes included and to what limits?

You can include brushes, together with other key wear parts in the Pro24 and Pro48 contracts for indoor machines. We use a "fair-use policy". In case we identify possible 'excessive' use, we will come back to you to find the root cause and address this or if this cannot be addressed the excessive use will be charged to you.

Are repairs due to accidents included?

No. We never included damage (or misuse) in our contracts. The ultimate goal is to work together with you to reduce these "avoidable" costs. With reporting we will give you an insight in how your machines are used in day to day life.

Why do you not always fit all parts listed in the PRO (FIX) contracts

During a preventive maintenance visit, we only replace the parts which will not function properly until the next planned maintenance visit. The pricing of the PROFIX contract takes into account the fact that all parts are being replaced all the time.

Why do you not leave all replaced parts behind, so I can check?

We normally take the replaced parts with us, but if you want, we can leave them for you. If you only want to be charged for parts that have been replaced, you have the option to opt for a ProFix contract without parts or for a ProVar contract. In these contracts you will only be charged for parts that have been replaced.

What do you mean with 24 hour response time?

When called before 10:00 in the morning we will endeavour to attend the same day but, regardless of what time the call was placed we will attend within 24 hours.

What is included in a ProFix ?

Included are the call out, the hours needed to adjust the machine and replace parts when necessary. If you selected a ProFix with parts contract also any maintenance parts that are replaced as part of the preventive maintenance are covered (see table for parts coverage). These parts are replaced when the part is projected not to function properly until the next scheduled preventive maintenance visit.

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