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Warranty Conditions

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Warranty Conditions

Stated below is a summary of the limited product warranty for Tennant products sold directly from Tennant in Europe to an end user buyer. For end users in Europe that bought Tennant products through an authorized Tennant distribution partner, we ask that you please contact that dealer with any specific warranty inquiries.

The warranty conditions may differ by country. For more information about the applicable warranty conditions in your country, please contact your local customer service number. For direct end user buyers, we will send you the detailed warranty policy via email.

  Parts Labor Spare Parts*
Tennant 24 Months* 12 Months 3 Months
Only parts

* Restrictions may apply

Tennant’s limited product warranty is void where any un-official modifications have been carried out on the product or where the product has been serviced by anyone other than an Official Tennant Service Representative. An Official Tennant Service Representative means either a Tennant direct service representative or a factory-trained service representative of an authorized Tennant distribution partner.

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