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i-mop XL® Scrubber


Speed Scrub 15 Walk Behind Floor Scrubber


Speed Scrub 15B Walk Behind Floor Scrubber


Speed Scrub® 300 Walk Behind Scrubber


Speed Scrub® 24-32 Walk Behind Floor Scrubber


Speed Scrub® 500 Mid-Sized Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber


Speed Scrub Rider Micro Floor Scrubber


Scout 3 Manual Sweeper


Scout 5 Compact Battery Sweeper


Scout 9 Large Battery Sweeper


Explorer Series Canister Extractors – H1, H2/C2 and H5


Speed-EX Carpet Extractor


Strive Compact Interim Extractor


EX-SC-412 Deep Cleaning Extractor


EX-SC-716 Deep Cleaning Extractor


EX-SC-1020P Push Extractor


EX-SC-1020 Deep Cleaning Extractor


EX-CAN-10 Deep Cleaning Extractor


Ultra B Carpet Extractor


Falcon 2800 Carpet Extractor


Strive Dual-Technology Carpet Extractor


Strive Rider Carpet Extractor


EX-SPOT-2 Portable Extractor


Speed-SQ 14 Orbital Floor Machine


FM-17-SS / FM-20-SS / FM-20-DS Floor Machines


BR-1600-NDC Burnisher


BR-2000-DC Burnisher


SpeedGleam 5 / SpeedGleam 7 Battery Burnisher


SpeedGleam Rider Burnisher


Tidy-Vac® 3e Dry Canister Vacuum


Tidy-Vac 6 Dry Canister Vacuum


Aspen™-6 / Aspen™-10 Backpack Vacuums


V-WD-15 / V-WD-15S / V-WD-16P / V-WD-16B Wet / Dry Vacuums


V-LWU-13 Light-Weight Upright Vacuum


V-SMU-14 Single Motor Upright Vacuum


V-DMU-14 Dual Motor Upright Vacuum


V-HDU-14 Heavy Duty Vacuum


V-WA-26 Wide Area Vacuum


V-WA-30 Wide Area Vacuum


Commercial Dryer Air Mover


ASC-15 All-Surface Cleaner


Quick Clean 12 Multi-Surface Cleaner


Orbio® 5000-Sc


Tennant Floor Cleaning Equipment for every place and space

Tennant Company designs, manufactures, and markets a wide variety of floor cleaning machines for both indoor and outdoor cleaning. Find a scrubber, sweeper, extractor, vacuum, burnisher, floor machine, outdoor green machine, air sweeper, scrubber-sweeper, all-surface cleaner, or other Tennant cleaning equipment to fit your environment