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Orbio® Multi-Purpose Cleaning Solution Gains Green Seal GS-37 Certification

First Product of Its Kind To Be Recognized, Says Green Seal CEO Dr. Arthur Weissman

Orbio Technologies, a Tennant Company (NYSE: TNC) group, and a leading innovator in sustainable water-based cleaning technologies, announces the Green Seal GS-37 certification of the Orbio® Multi-Surface Cleaner, the cleaning solution that is generated on site by the Orbio 5000-Sc machine. The 5000-Sc uses the Electrically Activated Water (EAW) process using only tap water, a small amount of salt and electricity to generate the Multi-Surface Cleaner.
Orbio Multi-Surface Cleaner is the first cleaner generated by EAW technology to be recognized by Green Seal.
“We’re proud to receive this certification from Green Seal, a leader in certifying products and services that promote sustainability and protect natural resources. This latest achievement demonstrates Tennant Company’s ongoing commitment to redefining the future of cleaning through on-site generation of cleaning solutions that offer health and environmental benefits,” said Karla Leis, Vice President and General Manager of the Orbio Technologies Group. 
A number of U.S. state governments have regulations that give preference to GS-37 certified cleaning chemicals, and organizations nationwide are using GS-37 certified products to meet requirements for LEED designation through the U.S. Green Building Council. The GS-37 certification validates Orbio Multi-Surface Cleaner, and the technology behind it can be used by facilities that strive to minimize their environmental impact without compromising their cleaning standards.
“This is the first product of its kind that Green Seal has certified in the 13 years since GS-37 was first published,” said Dr. Arthur Weissman, President and CEO of Green Seal. “We applaud Tennant for demonstrating their leadership in the cleaning industry through this innovative product.”
Effectively cleaning a variety of soils, including fats, proteins and organic oils, Orbio Multi-Surface Cleaner performs as well as many conventional cleaners so customers can replace a variety of conventional daily-use chemicals from their cleaning programs with just one cleaning solution. The benefits of an on-site generated solution like Orbio Multi-Surface Cleaner include simplifying processes and operator training, saving time and money, and reducing the environmental footprint associated with conventional packaged daily-use cleaning chemicals—all without compromising cleaning performance. In addition, many conventional cleaners contain solvents, alcohol, surfactants, dyes or fragrance—all of which are absent in the fragrance- and dye-free multi-surface cleaner.
For more information on Orbio Technologies, please visit The site also provides access to other certifications and comparative testing data and to a complete third-party report comparing the environmental footprint of the Orbio® 5000-Sc, the machine that creates Orbio Multi-Surface Cleaner, to the footprint of conventional packaged cleaning chemicals. This Life Cycle Assessment was conducted by Ecoform, an independent consultant.
For more information about Green Seal, please visit

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