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5 Ways A Wet-Dry Vacuum Helps You

Prepare for all kinds of messes with a wet-dry vacuum

Wet-dry vacuums are found in garages and basements because they’re one of the most useful tools for cleaning up residential messes of all kinds.

Commercial-grade wet-dry vacuums are equally useful for many of the same reasons — although the messes they can handle are significantly larger. As the name implies, wet-dry vacuums can be used in wet, dry, or even flooded conditions.

Due to their versatility, you can use wet-dry vacuums in any number of capacities and on many different surfaces. Where they really shine, though, is in cleaning up messes. If you’ve got a mess on your hands, there’s a good chance a wet-dry vacuum can help.

Here are our top five ways that a wet-dry vacuum helps:

1. It prepares you for any mess at any time.

Messes don’t punch a time clock. They come when they come, and that’s when they need to be dealt with. The bottom line is, you need to be able to handle the messes... and when the messes are big, you need powerful equipment.

A high-quality commercial wet-dry vacuum prepares you for all kinds of messes. If it was a golf club, the wet-dry vac would be a hybrid — the club that you can hit from the fairway, from the rough, or even off the tee, depending on what you need. It’s a versatile tool that you’ll always be glad to have in your bag, so to speak.

2. It adds power to your cleaning repertoire.

Anyone who’s ever cleaned up a big spill knows that a towel’s weight increases exponentially when it’s drenched. But, instead of a towel, now imagine it’s 46 m2 of carpet. Wet messes require a lot more power to deal with than dry messes do, and commercial wet-dry vacuums are built to be powerful enough to handle them.

Adding a wet-dry vac to your arsenal means you can handle a whole range of issues whenever they come up.

3. It goes where you go.

If you’re looking for a wet-dry vacuum, you are probably interested in both power and mobility. The great news is, you can get commercial-grade wet-dry vacuums in sizes and weights that are convenient for you — whether you need to load them up night after night or you just need to wheel them into the utility room.

While you’re weighing your options, you’ll find compact and convenient wet-dry vacuums that are very mobile and easy to use. Manufacturers understand that mobility can be just as important as power, so they also build in features like easy-carry handles and multiple-wheel systems to make for easy manoeuvring.

4. It helps you get your fill.

Another great thing about the choices that you have when selecting wet-dry vacuums is the tank size. If you know you’re going to be dealing with large cleaning tasks and potentially flooded conditions, a large-volume tank can help you get the job done without a seemingly endless cycle of stopping to empty.

Some wet-dry vacuums come with tanks as big as 90 liters. That’s a big tank for a big mess. And it goes a long way to help when you get an emergency clean-up call.

5. It has the little things covered, too.

While it may be good for big messes, a wet-dry vacuum likely has lots of little things considered, too. Like, for instance, a shock-proof tank that allows you to use the vacuum with confidence even in challenging conditions. Strong, flexible hooks can also add durability and reliability to your machine.

Add-ons can even improve how well your wet-dry vacuum performs certain tasks. You can add a squeegee to some models to help fine-tune performance. The squeegee can direct even more of liquid toward the vacuum with wet messes and leave as little behind as possible.

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