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5 reasons why your company should clean using Orbio

Orbio® Split Stream technology is changing the world of cleaning. It electrically converts water and salt into a sustainable cleaning solution on site, replacing many daily-use conventional cleaning chemicals.​

The benefits are extraordinary:

  • Simplify Your P​rocess - Replace multiple products with just one solution.

  • Control Your Costs - Reduce the need for buying, transporting, and disposing of conventional daily-use cleaning chemicals and packaging.

  • Promote Health and Safety - Get cleaning results equal to or better than conventional daily-use cleaning chemicals in most applications, without the potential health and safety hazards.

  • Reduce Your Impact on the Environment - By decreasing the need for conventional daily-use cleaning chemicals, it helps reduce your environmental footprint.

  • Clean Everywhere - Solution created by Orbio Split Stream technology matches or exceeds the performance of most conventional daily-use cleaning chemicals, in both spray-and-wipe and machine applications.



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