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Sustainability is an all-encompassing topic and requires intense focus on those areas that matter most. Our Focus Areas and objectives/goals/metrics were crafted after thorough stakeholder and materiality assessments. The Focus Area sections of the report provide more detail on our progress, together with many inspiring stories.

Our vision remains, “We will lead our global industry in sustainable cleaning innovation that empowers our customers to create a cleaner, safer and healthier world.” With our long-term commitment to creating a Sustainable Enterprise, we are moving to address significant environmental and social impacts and issues linked to our strategic activities. Our “blueprints” include three core pillars on which our growth strategies are based:

  • Reach new markets and new customers
  • Deliver a strong product and technology pipeline
  • Don’t lose sight of the discipline we have established around improving margins and controlling expenses

We’ll continue to pursue these growth strategies in the short to medium term, as we move in the long term towards becoming a Sustainable Enterprise. Thank you for your continuing support and confidence in the Tennant Company.

Chris Killingstad
President and
President and Chief Executive Officer


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